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Video advertising for a fraction of the cost of TV!

Our FIDS (Flight Information Data System) offers the opportunity for your business to be featured in a video advertisement. We can custom design and produce a high quality video that runs continuously on over a dozen screens throughout the airport. Your electronic message can also run on the BIDS (Baggage Information Data System) located on each of the baggage conveyor belts in the baggage claims area.


  • The FIDS and BIDS systems allow you to add digital video to your ads
  • FIDS ads appear alongside the vital information screens viewed by airport passengers, i.e., arrival and departure information and weather forecasts.
  • Your FIDS ads run continuously on over a dozen screens throughout the airport
  • Your video ad can be produced at a fraction of the cost of TV advertising and run at a much higher frequency for a much lower rate.
  • BIDS ads are seen by the airport's most captive audiences, i.e., passengers waiting for their luggage at the baggage conveyor belts.

Our fleet of bus wraps was the buzz of the city as well as the Syracuse University campus. They greatly raised public awareness and left the impression we were everywhere! NORMAL Advertising Communications was focused on helping us achieve a positive result."

Nicci Brown, Associate VP Syracuse University