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Light up your customers by lighting up your ad

Dioramas are colorful backlit displays that are easy on the eyes and hard to miss. These backlit display panels are our most popular airport ad format and come in various configurations from our standard 4x5 foot panel to vertical and horizontal tri-panels measuring more than 15 feet across.


  • The most popular airport advertising format, dioramas get passengers' attention through their colorful, backlit properties
  • The most affordable of the airport advertising options
  • Diorama ads can be purchased in multiple locations throughout the airport to increase reach and frequency of your campaign
  • Airline travelers are a captive audience-spending more than 70 minutes on average in the airport

Our fleet of bus wraps was the buzz of the city as well as the Syracuse University campus. They greatly raised public awareness and left the impression we were everywhere! NORMAL Advertising Communications was focused on helping us achieve a positive result."

Nicci Brown, Associate VP Syracuse University