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Overwhelming overheads featuring the biggest brands

Coloramas are the largest overhead displays available. Our big and bold backlit coloramas measure more than 10 feet wide and are suspended from ceilings right below heavily trafficked concourses and passenger exit ways.


  • The biggest overhead display in the airport -- nearly 30 square feet of rear illuminated display space to convey your message
  • Coloramas are intrusive - their large size demands visual recognition.
  • Coloramas appear in heavily trafficked concourses and passenger exit ways
  • Airline travelers are a captive audience-spending more than 70 minutes on average in the airport

Our fleet of bus wraps was the buzz of the city as well as the Syracuse University campus. They greatly raised public awareness and left the impression we were everywhere! NORMAL Advertising Communications was focused on helping us achieve a positive result."

Nicci Brown, Associate VP Syracuse University