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What is Normal?

NORMAL is a full service advertising communications company that specializes in creative, effective and cost efficient ways for our clients to reach their customers.

NORMAL is an award winning team of marketing experts with extensive background in media, advertising and marketing communications. We're dedicated to serving our clients, their customers and our community with the special talent, tools, and tenacity that makes us much more than "normal communications."

NORMAL Communications offers out-of-home advertising opportunities designed to make your brand and message stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Your exclusive ad placement appears on primary forms of airport displays most visible to people on-the-go. From large scale airport displays to the new airport television network, we've got you and your target market covered.

Our fleet of bus wraps was the buzz of the city as well as the Syracuse University campus. They greatly raised public awareness and left the impression we were everywhere! NORMAL Advertising Communications was focused on helping us achieve a positive result."

Nicci Brown, Associate VP Syracuse University